We believe good health is a team effort. Our approach to integrated healthcare provides the highest level of care, and helps you make better choices for maintaining optimal health and creating your best life.

Specializing in prevention, diagnosis, treatment and maintenance of acute and chronic illnesses and substance use disorders, including Medicated Assisted Treatment.
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The Health Experiences?
  • Our primary goal is to make you better. Through excellent and innovative care, and options for you to maintain your health long-term, we’re your partners in health.
  • Our Board Certified Physicians and Therapists are dedicated to promoting and supporting whole person wellness, not just temporary treatment.
  • Every aspect of our practice encourages the development of healthy decision-making processes and behaviors.

Payment options include: Care Source, Molina, Buckeye, Paramount, UHC, and other Medicaid, Insurance, and Self-pay.

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The Health Experiences Primary Care

Treatment for all substance use disorders, including MAT.

More About MAT:

Medicines offered include VIVITROL and BUPRENORPHINE.

However, medication-assisted treatment (MAT) is proven to be the most effective treatment for opioid addiction. MAT combines behavioral therapy and medications to treat substance use disorders.

Recently, the federal government announced a major policy shift in its effort to combat the opioid abuse epidemic. The immediate beneficiaries of the policy announcement are those struggling with addiction in communities like Cincinnati.